Begging my ex-man for a second chance

September 04, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am 23 years old. A few years ago I moved from rural Jamaica to Kingston for a better life. I met a guy online. We started chatting daily until we began dating. I met his family, and I even went out with them. He was my first love. In the beginning he treated me well. I never once doubted him. He did not have much, but he was ambitious and a trying young man, so I stayed with him.

A few years later he got promoted at his job, and then things changed. He started to dress better, but he began getting toxic. Whenever he was stressed he treated me badly. He started shouting at me for no reason at all. I started to wonder if he was getting involved with another female at his workplace. We got into an argument and I jumped to conclusion and said a lot of things about him. I broke up with him and he moved on the same day.

I now realise that what I did was wrong and I have been begging for a second chance. However, he has refused to take me back.

I am broken.


Dear T.,

You should leave this man alone. He is not interested in you any more. Whether you made a mistake by accusing him of having another woman in his life, he is now showing that you were correct. You might have made different mistakes, but he knows that he is not perfect. Even if this guy should say that he wants you back, the relationship will not go very well, because he has now become an abuser. So stop begging him to renew the relationship that both of you had together.


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