My wife cheated in my dream


October 23, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am 59. My wife is 41. She does not have any children, but I have two. Nine years ago, we got married.

I have a special gift, I can see things. Nobody has to tell me what is happening. My wife went to a convention. My spirit told me something was wrong when she came back. I could see it in her eyes. She had this wild look, so I did what I was supposed to do. I was able to tell her which one of the men she met at the convention, who she was having an affair with.

I saw the man in my dream. I jumped up and was able to describe the man to my wife. She asked me who told me about the man. She confessed they were lovers before she met me, but nothing was going on between them now.

I know something is going on because my wife does not want to go anywhere with me. She is always talking very low on her phone. She locks her phone so I can't use it. She never used to like my children, but, since I have been telling her that, if she has another man with me she has to go, she has become very close to my children, especially my daughter.

My wife is very beautiful. People told me she would have kept men with me. I have now seen it for myself. I am a respectable man in the community. To have a wife keeping men is a shame and disgrace on me. People have it to say I am a big obeah man, yet I can't take care of my relationship. I don't want to hurt my wife. I told her to stop doing what she is doing. She wants to know how she is going to stop when she is not doing what I am accusing her of.

Why does a woman have to lock her phone, go into the kitchen and whispers when her phone rings? Something is wrong. Don't you agree, pastor?


Dear P.T.,

It seems to me what you should see you cannot see. You don't have a thing on this woman. You know she is beautiful and, if you should judge by outward beauty, you are fortunate to have her.

She told you she had a relationship with a man. It was long before you got married. What is wrong with that? You have had relationships with other women, I am sure.

Not many women marry the first man they meet and date or the first man with whom they had sex. Not many men marry the first woman they meet and date or had sex with. So if your wife met an old boyfriend, nothing is wrong with that. It doesn't mean the relationship will rekindle and they will go to bed. Don't tell me you are that silly. You are fortunate your wife told you about this so-called man you saw in your dream. Some women wouldn't even answer you.

You sound like a miserable and nosey man. Perhaps that's why your wife does not feel free to talk openly whenever she gets a call. On the other hand. I think she has lost respect for you. You need to drop this nonsense about having this special gift by which you can know when something is going to happen.

Hear me, sir, if a woman wants to cheat, she will do it right before your eyes. Your eyes will be wide open and you will not be able to see what she is doing, so stop giving your wife the impression you are watching her. You are 59. Enjoy life. Life is short.

Count your blessings and try to live in peace with your wife. Don't threaten her. It would be better for you to reason with her. Tell her you would like both of you to sit with a professional to discuss issues that are putting a strain on your relationship.


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