Man sexually assaulted in gully

March 30, 2022

A man who was abducted and sexually assaulted by men in the Corporate Area recently, said that he has contracted syphilis and is struggling to deal with the nightmarish encounter.

"I am getting counselling right now and my church family is there for me. I've reported the matter to CISOCA [Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse]. I am also on antibiotics because I did some tests which showed that I have contracted syphilis," the man said. He said that the incident took place on March 12 about 1 a.m. The man said that he was heading toward a hospital in the Corporate Area for medical attention when he was pounced upon by eight men who he said tied him up with a rope before dragging him into a nearby gully. The man, who said he has five children, claimed that the men repeatedly assaulted him before making off with $25,000 and a watch.

He added that the encounter has been psychologically damaging and he is urging persons to take precaution when travelling in certain places.

"Di man dem undress mi, tie up me hands and took turns to abuse me. I am only speaking about this now because someone else can be in a similar situation," he said.

When contacted for a comment on the matter, head of the St Andrew Central Police Division, Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth, confirmed that an incident took place and that investigations have already commenced.

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