My Confession: Mute girl gave me crab louse

February 07, 2020

STAR, when mi did inna mi 20s, mi used to live in an inner-city area, where one dumb girl did live.

She did sexy and well cock-up round a back, and if yuh never try talk to her, you wouldn’t know say she couldn’t talk.

The man dem used to love her because she love sex; and any man weh never get just simply never want it.

A rumour start go round say she have crab louse and fingers start point on some man in the community, but mi never business.

Mi always hear say you can use kerosene oil to get rid of crab louse, so dem time deh, the blue kerosene oil did just a come in.

You waan see how mi rub it on pon mi front and tell mi self say mi a go link the girl and get my share, and mi nah go get no lice because mi oil up.

STAR, let mi tell yuh this, the whole a mi front bun up and after a couple of days, a bare lice on mi body.

Dem time deh mi never use to shave, so it get so bad until it reach all inna mi chest hair. Mi scratch for weeks because mi did too shame to go doctor, and all during that time, all a mi chafe up because mi bun up as well from the kerosene oil.

When mi confront the girl about it, she just fan mi off and laugh after mi. When mi couldn’t take it anymore, mi end up go doctor, and you nuh have to ask if mi never learn mi lesson.

Dat girl couldn’t make my pants front lift after that.

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