Marksman choosing music over medicine - Artiste focusing on career development for the time being

March 23, 2023

Last year, the 'student choppa', more popularly known as Marksman, told THE STAR that he had dreams of attending medical school after completing his tenure at Frome Technical High School in Westmoreland.

Now the young deejay is singing a different tune, as he has decided that it was best to focus right now on developing his craft as an artiste and finding his footing in the business.

"At this point in time, I am focusing on my music career as it is really my passion to make music and be an entertainer," he revealed to THE STAR.

Nevertheless, Marksman, whose given name is Oswayne Marks, added that attending medical school is not completely off the table.

"I've not erased going to med school out of my mind, I will still pursue that path in the near future," he said.

Marksman got his big break in the industry as a TikTok sensation when thousands of social media users used a snippet of his tune Verified Choppa, which now has more than seven million views on YouTube, to make creative videos for the platform. He then followed up with other viral tunes such as Visa and Top Coote. His popularity gave him the opportunity to perform at last year's staging of Dream Weekend in Negril. During that time, it was clear that the audience loved his energy and gravitated to his sound.

Currently, Marksman who is still living out his teenage years, is working on releasing music as he continues to take his career to the next level.

"I've been taking the time out to work on some different types of tracks, to really show my versatility, and doing collaborations with overseas and local artistes to expand my fan base," he said.

Marksman believes that music has always been his calling and is happy for the support he has received from fans and friends on his journey. Since the start of 2023, he has released the tracks Skate Off and Pothole.

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