The Carey James opens own studio

May 04, 2022
The Carey James
The Carey James

Reggae artiste The Carey James has invested in his own recording studio and label, Pondemik Records Jamaica, as he recognises the need for flexibility within the music sector, especially when securing studio time and recording sessions can be difficult.

The Uptown Tenement Yard singer reasoned that investing in a studio was an easy decision for him even though he is a new artiste.

He shared: " Having a studio gives the flexibility that's needed to create any time I have the creative energy. It means I don't have to go through the hassle of booking and waiting for other studios every time I have an idea. Also I've had bad experiences with quality and professionalism in some situations working with others. My own facility means quality control."

He admitted that the process of setting up the studio was challenging, especially since he entered the venture during the pandemic and had to seek permission from the landlord about the ideas for the studio.

"Then it was about studying the space that we have to accommodate the studio without causing any negative impact on anything in the house or creating any discomfort," he said. "I had to learn the basics about the structure of a studio so we could design it. The biggest issue was the cost because the pandemic meant the prices changed sometimes multiple times in a month."

The Carey James was quick to point out that music and business are intricately linked. He explained: "As creatives, we focus more on the music but long-term success really depends on how well the business aspects are managed. Create your own workspace and create a business model and build from that."

The Carey James is known for other hits such as Heaven and Prevail.

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