Pulse thinking ‘global’

April 18, 2019
Executive Chairman of Pulse Kingsley Cooper (centre), with daughter Safia Cooper (left), and Romae Gordon, co-managing directors.
Executive Chairman of Pulse Kingsley Cooper (centre), with daughter Safia Cooper (left), and Romae Gordon, co-managing directors.

Like a 360-degree camera that captures the beauty of a subject from all angles, Pulse Investments Limited is prepared to engage the world in its various entities from fashion and modelling to multi-media, television and events production.

The modelling agency recently revealed its Pulse Global plans to travel to west Africa, specifically Lagos in Nigeria, to replicate much of what it does in Jamaica and the Caribbean with its model search and various entertainment entities.

With the global expansion expected to break more ground as the company readies to celebrate 40 years, the goal is to establish a dynamic means of cultural exchange, first in Africa and then the US, United Kingdom, and across Europe.

Safia Cooper, who takes on the responsibilities of marketing and management for Pulse Leisure and Entertainment told THE WEEKEND STAR: "Each entity that falls under Pulse Investments Limited adds to the entire push of Pulse Global and maximises the opportunity to bring new business and guests to Jamaica for cultural exchange that involves to room, fete, entertain, and educate."

She added: "The main focus is the exchange of culture and the dynamism of what we have to offer from Jamaica and the Caribbean, and then exporting that product. Take for example, Peter Tosh Museum located at the Tosh Square at the Pulse Complex. It is already based on a global brand of Tosh and reggae, and when it is looked at all together, from the fashion aspect to hospitality, then you find elements that complete the whole cultural tourism circle."

As global ambassadors for Jamaica and the Caribbean, she says: Pulse Global looks to encourage its international audience to visit for events in Jamaica.

These are not limited to those taking place at the headquarters on Trafalgar Road, but other cultural experiences at Culture Yard in Trench Town, which she says is made possible through meaningful partnerships.

Speaking on Caribbean Model Search, the competition that has introduced supreme talents like Jaunel McKenzie and Oraine Barrett, the co-managing director of Pulse Investments Limited Romae Gordon says the Africa Model Search will take on a similar structure.

"We have worked with a large network of media partners for as long as Caribbean Model Search exists, this time is of no exception," Gordon told THE WEEKEND STAR. "The impending 13-episode season will go out automatically to the various media partners in Barbados, Trinidad and St Lucia and of course Television Jamaica (TVJ) as we have done over the years."

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