Would you try sex on the beach?

October 29, 2019

From threesomes to sex on the beach, the concept of sexual fantasies can be quite adventurous and fun. The idea of stepping outside the sexual comfort zone in order to spice up the physical side of relationships is great, but it comes with some challenges and sometimes very negative consequences. Some popular fantasies can seem pretty harmless but they can go really wrong really quickly and even leave the participants feeling less than satisfied.

Sex on the beach

A popular sexual fantasy that can go terribly wrong includes anything done in a public space like sex on the beach or in the car or even sneaking it in somewhere like the movies. While these activities can be fun and adventurous, they can also get the participants arrested if they are caught and being in police custody, while naked is no fun for anyone. Plus there’s the awkward explanation that will be required to friends and family when they inquired about the arrest.

A threesome

Another of the most popular fantasies is threesome. So many men dream of having two very attractive, naked women desiring him and he rocks their collective worlds with his amazing sexual prowess. However, the reality of the threesome could be quite the opposite. In many cases the women may be more interested in each other than the man, and completely ignore him. Or the excitement of the experience could be so overwhelming that fails to rise to the occasion. If we examine the long term, sometimes after the fun of the threesome, consequences like unwanted pregnancies or even STD’s could be a consequence of the threesome.

Get your freak on

Sexual fantasies can be a fun, exciting way to spice up the relationship but they require some precautions. One way to minimize some of the challenges is to make a plan, be clear about the role that everyone is playing and try to avoid doing anything illegal. Definitely observe all the safe sex precautions and have fun. Sex is an important part of happy relationships and adding some spice could definitely improve the overall intimacy. The trick is to remember that communication is important and that not everything works out exactly as planned ,so be prepared to apply some flexibility. Now go and get your freak on.

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