Tricked into doing anal sex for a car

September 08, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I have been talking to a man who is in his 70s. He owns a very popular studio.

I was always against doing anal sex, until we came to an agreement that if I did it with him, he would buy me a car. This agreement was made in March and we are now in September and he has not bought me the car. I feel like causing a scandal on him because he has not kept his word.

The level of pain I went through - defecating on myself and the bleeding of my anus - has not got me anything. Anal sex was sweet for this man, to the point that he doesn't remember the promise he made to me to buy me a car. For weeks I had to lie down on my bed while my anus was hurting me, and before I could even recover fully, this man was requesting more anal sex from me.

Pastor, at this stage, I have locked 'shop'; no car, no more anal sex. This man must stick to the vagina and continue paying my school fees, and provide me with food. A lot of men feel that because they are supporting young girls, they should tell the girls what to do if they want to continue to receive support from them. This man told me how the vagina and the anus should be dealt with.


Dear P.,

I have tried my very best to hide some of the things that you have written. You were very graphic in describing the relationship with this man and you. We could not publish the style in which you wrote and the things you have gone through with this man.

You have not given your age, but it is evident that you are a very young woman and that this man has taken advantage of you. He fooled you. He made a promise to you that he had no intention to keep. You complied because you believed him, and you were eager to receive a motor car. This is a very wicked man. I wonder, how many times have you asked him for the car? If you have not done so, you should. I hope that you will not continue to subject yourself to this type of abuse. You are thinking of exposing this man to others.

What are you trying to say? Tell this man what you have in mind and see how he will react. I wish you well. I will be praying for you.


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