I think my penis is too small

September 01, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am a 17-year-old boy; soon I will be 18. I do not have a girlfriend. I do not want any girl to see my private parts because I have very big testicles, but my penis is small. I know that my penis should be bigger than it is, but in growing up, I only trusted my mother to look at me. She was the only one who would bathe me and I used to ask her why my balls were so big. She told me that my father has big balls, too; but that his penis is bigger than mine, but mine would grow. My penis is not growing.

I have never learned to swim because I don't want any of the guys to see me when I am changing my clothes. Now, I don't have a girlfriend because I know she would laugh at me. I am thinking of going back to the doctor, but my mother is saying I should not waste money, I should just give myself time.

Can you give me some advice?


Dear F.,

Your mother has told you that you should not worry and I know that your mother loves you. If she thought that something was radically wrong with you, she would have told you, and she would have sought help for you. It is not unusual for some men to have large testicles. From what I understand, that would not impede them from having enjoyable sex. Your concern is that your penis is small. How small? You have not said. Many times, doctors have had to assure men that they are carrying the right size of penis. Some women insist that size matters. In fact, some women brag that they can 'handle' seven-, eight-, and nine-inch penises. But I can say that not all women are carried away by the size of a man's penis.

Your mother tries to assure you that everything is well with you by telling you that your father's testicles are large, and that has not prevented him from functioning. That should assure you that all is well. However, at your age, you should go and see a doctor on your own. You may not have the money to pay him, but you should discuss it with your father and tell him about your concerns, and ask him for the money to pay the doctor. Your father would not want you to be unable to function or to not be in a position to satisfy your partner.

Some people questions what should be the right size of the penis; doctors differ on this. One can safely say, however, when erect it is five to seven inches long, and anything over seven inches is mighty large.


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