My daughter-in-law is a weed head

May 05, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am a regular reader of your column and I am writing to you about a problem I am having. I listen also to your show at nights. My argument about that is that the time of your show is too late. You should start your show at 9 p.m. as it used to.

I have six children with four different women. All my children except one have done very well. The one who hasn't done well didn't want to go to school. He was sent to school but used to hide and go to meet friends. Then he came home after he knew that school had been dismissed. We did not know what to do with him, so we allowed him to make his own decisions. All he was concerned about was to join in with guys who wanted to play music and sing. He got into a band, but I would not mention the name of the band. My other children helped him, but I have never been happy with him.

Right now he has two children that we know of, with a girl who comes from a very lovely family. I have begged him to take care of this girl, but all she likes to do is to smoke. I went to see my son and when I got to the door, the ganja was so strong, it could have blown me away. She told me that when she is depressed, the smoking of ganja helps her to relax. My son told me that all my children couldn't be the same but I shouldn't worry about him because he is alright. But he is not alright because he has nothing.

What advice can you give to me?


Dear F.G.,

This young man is making his bed very hard. He has absolutely no plan for the future. You have done your best for all your children. So, you should try not to allow this young man to cause you to suffer from stress. Stress will shorten your life. He is a grown man and now he is the father of two children. Encourage the mother of his children to get a job and to behave as a responsible individual. Whatever you are able to give to the children, do so. But really, it is not your responsibility to care for them; it is their parents' responsibility to do so.

I repeat, don't allow your son to take you to your grave early.


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