Girlfriend doesn’t believe me because I’m a cop

September 09, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am 24 years old and I have a girlfriend who is 26. I am in the police force and she tries to track me down every day.

I am trying to be faithful to my girlfriend, but she said that men who are in my type of work cannot be believed. But I know that I am a different type of guy. I tell a little 'white lie' now and then, but it is only when I am in trouble.

I trust my girlfriend 100 per cent. I tell her what I am planning to do, and what I do with my money. She loves my grandmother who raised me and my grandmother told me that I should not bring any other woman to her house. I used to take different girls to the house, but since I met this one, I have not taken anybody back to the house. My grandmother does not know that she is two years older than I am. She is very slim and she looks younger than her age.

A few months ago, I met some of her folks. They had a little family gathering and they all seemed to appreciate me. Her father asked me when were we going to get married and she told her dad that I have not popped the question as yet, but she is giving me time. Her father is a builder so he has promised to build a house for us whenever we find the land. She does not want to leave the Corporate Area, but I would live anywhere that I love.

When she told my father the name of her father, my father said he knew him well and they went to school together. He now lives in America. How can I get this woman to believe me and to learn to trust me and not judge me by the same standard of my colleagues?


Dear L.,

A lie is a lie. There is no 'white lie'. I know people talk about white lies because they are trying to say that they are not big lies. But your girlfriend is smart. She knows you well and she can detect when you are lying, whether you feel that the lie is a big one or a small one. So I suggest that you try your very best not to lie to her.

I believe that you love her, but because there are so many people in your field who lie so much, she does not always believe what you say. She can develop good confidence in you if you practise to speak the truth and be honest in everything that you do. I wish both of you well.


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