Don’t want to sell our house in Jamaica

September 07, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am a mother of three adult children and although I don't live in Jamaica any more, I come there often. My husband can be very quarrelsome when things don't go his way. He wants us to sell our house in Jamaica because he says he is not going back to Jamaica to live. I want us to keep that house.

My daughters say we should sell it and put the money on fixed deposit, and that can help us with our pension. Both my husband and I were teachers. So we have something coming in every month in Jamaica. We are also getting a little thing from America. So we are quite comfortable. But to sell the house is a big problem for me. As the song says, " No weh nuh betta dan yard." But I know my husband. If I fight him too much, he will just sell it because my name is not on the title. My girls would hate me if I tried to do anything to block their father from doing what he wants.


Life can be so funny. My oldest daughter is not my husband's child. He took me when I was two months' pregnant with her, but people don't know that. This girl is so close to him. When the other girls didn't give him anything, she would always give him money. She said that she was giving him because she loved him. So I kept quiet. I was told that we can get more than $50 million for the house. But the girls are going to go along with their father and I am not going to fight them. They are all in good jobs and their husbands are good men.

When it comes to the bedroom business, my husband has his moments. There are times when he behaves as if he does not see me. I will be there with him in bed in the nude and he won't touch me. But there are times that he fusses and asks me why I have to wear long nighties. I tell him that he is blind, because whether or not I am wearing them he doesn't see me, so he should keep quiet.

We have a home in the US state of Georgia. I like it here but I don't want to give up Jamaica. My husband is 73 and I am 70. We bought a couple pieces of land in America and we would love to buy something in Savannah, Georgia. We could invest our money there if we were to sell our house in Jamaica. We have been fortunate people and our children have made us very happy. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Dear R.S.,

You are very fortunate to have a good husband. He met you while you were pregnant with your first child. He did not make it a big issue.

He married you and took that child as his own. Evidently, he helped you to nurture her and she became very close to him. He was a good spouse to you. I wish men who read your story will show that kind of love to their women.

You say this man is quarrelsome but I would rather believe that you are the type of person who loves to have your own way and sometimes you want him to follow what you say. Because he doesn't always listen, you consider him quarrelsome. But the children see him as the best father in the world.

Both of you have done well. You have a home in Jamaica. You don't owe any money on it and you have been able to purchase a home in Georgia. For sentimental reasons, you do not want to sell your home in Jamaica. But even if you were to sell it, you would not be losing anything because the proceeds would be put to good use. Don't fight your husband and your girls over selling the house.

By the way, Savannah is a lovely place to invest and evidently you and your husband have invested well, so continue to work with him. He has his moments when he wants a lot of you and there are times when he wants a break. You feel the same way. So when he wants a lot of you, give him what he wants and don't fight him.


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