Girlfriend’s mother wants me to speak in tongues

August 25, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you from one of the islands. I have always read your column and I want to become not just a pastor, but a counsellor like you. I have two more years in Bible school and then I will be ordained. I am having an issue. I am 23 and I have a girlfriend who is 25. She is controlled by her mother. She said that I belong to a different denomination so unless I become a part of their organisation, she should not marry me. I like this girl. She is dedicated. My parents love her. But her mother feels that whatever she says is what her daughter should do.


We had an issue which we got over. When she introduced me to her mother, she asked me if I spoke in tongues and I told her no. She said that I was not spirit filled and I should pray to speak in tongues. But I have never prayed that prayer. Her mother is always telling people that they should not become ill and it is because of their sins why they are ill. Then she caught COVID and my girlfriend asked her what was the sin she committed to get it.

My girlfriend is a teacher and she wants to go to a Bible college because she feels that God wants her to pastor a church. Her mother is very proud. I am from a poor family. My father has always taught us to be humble and to walk with God as Noah did. Pastor, keep up the good work. You are helping many of us.


Dear C.E.,

I hope that the Good Lord will help you to do well in school and you will pass all your exams. I suggest that you read a lot. Spend much time in reading.

I make that suggestion but it is not original. The apostle Paul gave that advice to the young preacher Timothy. He told him to give attendance to reading. I suggest that you read not only religious books, but also history books and autobiographies.

Some people don't believe that a preacher should have anything to do with politics. They are sadly mistaken. You need to know why you believe in the political party you might support and why you can't support the others. Study about communism or socialism in all its forms. Young man, read, read, read! If you are going to be a good preacher, have a good grasp of Hebrew and Greek. If you have a good grasp of English and Greek, you will learn to appreciate the writings of the Old Testament and how to interpret and apply New Testament doctrines.

You and your girlfriend can help each other. So stay with each other regardless of what her mother says. I am sure her mother wants her to have the best man. Before I go let me just suggest that you have two more years in college and by the time you graduate, you will still be a young man. Consider doing your master's degree in a secular field. A young man should always be in a position that he can support himself just in case something goes wrong in the ministry. He should still be able to support his family. I hope I have said enough to you. If I can be of further help to you, feel free to call upon me.


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