Boyfriend wants us to have sex before marriage

August 19, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am 17 years old and I live with my stepfather, mother and two siblings. My stepfather and mother have been together since I was four years old.

Most people don't know that he is not my biological father. He has sent me to school and has done everything that a father should do. My aim is to be a nurse. My mother did not have an easy time growing up, and her father did not treat her well. So when she met my stepfather, she ran away with him. Some people thought that she was bad, but she has proven them wrong. She did not run around with other men. She stayed with my stepfather.

My stepfather is very loving, but he is strict. He gives me good advice. He is a hard worker. He and my mother bought the home in which we live. My mother did not have much to put into it, but I am proud of them both for what they have accomplished. Now my friends can come to the house and I don't have to feel embarrassed. I am only one subject away from what I require to go into nursing.

I have a boyfriend, but it is not a serious relationship. We are just good friends. I told him that I am not ready for sex and if he wants to have sex, he has to find another girl. He asked me when I am going to be ready, and I told him that is whenever we are married. He thinks that I am joking, but I am serious. I have a long way to go. I want to make my stepfather and mother proud of me. Big up to my stepfather and to my mother.


Dear K.P.,

I am glad that you can speak proudly of your parents, especially your stepfather. He means so much to you. He has tried to lead you in the straight and narrow way, so to speak. I hope that you will eventually get into nursing school, and that you will do well. I wish you well. Put God first in your life and take good care of yourself.


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