Want to reunite with my first babyfather

August 17, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am 29 and my lover is the same age. We have been together for two years. I have two children for two different men. My first child's father is now 60 years old.

He was married but his wife passed on. I used to help him clean up his place and wash his clothes. One thing led to the next and I found myself in bed with him. He told me that he would marry me but I was not ready for that. His children wanted him to leave Jamaica. He had a visa. They were living in America so he left. But he continued to support his child.

I got involved with another man but that was a big mistake. When I told my child's father that I was pregnant again, he said that he wished I did not tell him because he was still in love with me. Every two months I can look for money from him. I have to use that money to help to support my other son. I have become good friends with his daughter. I told her that I loved him very much.

Pastor, when we were in bed, this man used to make lots of noise and I used to try to cover his mouth. He said he was making noise because of the good time we were having. When I got pregnant, I blamed him for doing it on purpose but it was not purposely done. The condom broke and we were not aware of it until we were finished making love. This man used to tell me everything nice in bed and I thought he was lying. I wish I could hear that from my present boyfriend.

My first child's father said that if I did not have this second child, he would marry me because sometime he gets lonely and he knows that I would take good care of him. I know he would take care of me too. Children should be careful and not come between the one their parents love. I want to break the news to my present boyfriend. I want to tell him that I love my child's father and we want to get back together.

His daughter told me that now that she has got to know me better, she will not stand between us and she would even help me to come to America. I am doing hairdressing and nails and I am also planning to study to become a masseuse. My child's father told me that I will do well if I go to America. He is living at his daughter's house so that means he will have to find a place for us to live. He is working as a security officer and he is still very strong. Would you suggest that I make the move before I get older?

This man is always reminding me of the smoothies I made for him. I used to blend honey, strawberries, banana and apples, no sugar at all. His daughter tried to make it for him but every time she does, he tells her that it is missing something and that something is my touch.


Dear Y.T.,

You are still in love with this man and he is in love with you. The love seems to be genuine. Now his daughter does not see you as a gold digger. She is not looking at you as someone who just wants to get money from her father. So she is quite willing to assist you to go to America. She would not encourage you to go if she thought that her father was only playing you. So think about it and make your move as early as possible.


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