Broke hubby against me entertaining men for money

August 08, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I hope you are having a good day. I am 31 years old and my husband and I have been married for two years. We do not have children. We are trying to do our own business, but it has been slow.

My husband does not want to work for anybody and neither do I.

We are paying mortgage for the house in which we live. We are glad to be living in our own place.

I became a Christian five years ago, but, before that, I was in adult entertainment. When I say entertainment, I don't mean I used to do that at a hotel or guest house. I entertained men where I was living, or they took me to where they lived and I entertained them there. I had my little set and I played music, either to soothe them or to turn them on. My biggest clients were older men. When they saw me in the nude, they went wild.

My neighbours didn't even realise what I was doing for a living. In the mornings, I dressed and went out as if I were working in an office. I entertained men at nights and on weekends. I didn't have any problem paying my bills. Older men gave me big money. The least that I charged was $25,000 per hour. I had a client who I entertained for free because he brought me his friends. So, for his effort, I did not charge him.


You might be wondering why I am saying all these things and telling you about my past. Well, since things have become so tight, I told my husband that I can return to the entertainment business and make some good money. My husband will have none of it. I would not do anything with these men that would cause him pain. I told him that he can stay in one room while I entertain in the other room. I know that I can entertain at least two men in one evening. The money would help us to take care of our bills.

My husband knew that I was in that type of business before we got married. I told him so when we met. Would you consider what I am thinking of doing cheating? He says that if I start back this business, I will be cheating on him. I don't think that's cheating.

My husband said he thought I had changed. I was trying to change. The car that we are using was bought by me. My husband cannot afford to buy a car. I don't know what you will say but my heart is with my husband. I need money to survive. I want quick money and my entertainment business can give me what I want.

Initials Withheld

Dear Writer,

You say that you are married and that you and your husband are business people. The business, unfortunately, is not doing very well at the moment. You did not explain what type of business you are engaged in. You should understand that at times business may not be very good.

You said that before you got married you were in the entertainment business and you mean that you were entertaining men as a prostitute. I understand that some prostitutes do not ply their trades in clubs. They do it at their homes. Some of them have rented apartments and townhouses and the men visit them by appointments.

Some neighbours suspect these women, but some do not. In your case, it was hard to suspect you because you dressed every day and went out. You behaved as if you were employed, but the truth is you were self-employed. You created your own employment by selling yourself.

Your husband is quite correct in discouraging you from putting yourself back on the market. Life might be difficult at the moment but you shouldn't have even suggested that to your husband. Why can't you go out and seek a job? There are other alternatives that you can consider. If you respect your husband, you would not want men to come to your house to be sexually entertained by you. Yes, he knew what you were doing before you got married, but you gave him the impression that you had changed. All the guys you entertain would laugh at your husband and they may even consider you as a slut. So, please, perish the thought of going back to the entertainment business. Consider getting yourself a job.


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