I have two boyfriends

June 27, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am 18 years old and I need to tell you a story. I am in school, but I don't love school. I know it is important to attend school because I have a future before me. I have two boyfriends. My mother knows about them, but my father doesn't. One of them is 23 and the other is 40. The younger one works at a call centre and the other guy drives for a businessman. Both of them give me money.

The 23-year-old gives me money every week. My mother loves that because he helps us to keep food on the table. The other guy gives me much more, but whenever we are having sex, he does not like to use a condom. I have begged him to use a condom because I do not want to get pregnant. He told me that he is allergic to condoms and he itches whenever he uses it. I told him that if he does not use a condom we will have to stop having sex, because I do not want to get pregnant or contract an STD. I get at least $40,000 from this man every month end, and I normally give my mother about half.

I know I should not have two boyfriends, but I can't help it. My father is not supporting me.


Dear K.,

I really cannot encourage you to have these two men in your life. Your mother should not be encouraging you to do so as well. This older man, who works with a businessman, is in a position to give you much more than the younger guy. However, you ought to be careful about having sex without a condom. He says he is allergic to condoms, and he might be speaking the truth, because the popular condoms are made of latex and some men are allergic to them. Some men try to use condoms that are oil-based, but such condoms can break easily. Water-based condoms are the best to use.

Apart from men being allergic to condoms, some complain of lost of sensation when they try to use a condom. I would also like to point out that the number of men who are allergic to condoms is very small. Condoms are very effective, so do not allow this man to have his way with you.

You will regret doing so.


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