Side chick won’t repay a $750,000 loan - My wife doesn’t know that I went into our account

January 26, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you for your advice. My heart is heavy and I am confused. I never thought that what has happened to me would happen.

I have fallen into a trap and I don't know how to get out. I met a young woman and I helped her to pay down on a house. She told me that she had a boyfriend and that he had sent money to help her purchase the house. It is a lovely place. She used part of the money, but she could not tell him what she did, so she asked me for help.

I am married, and my wife and I have an account together. I withdrew some of the money, without letting my wife know, and I gave it to this girl. The mistake I made was, I did not ask her to sign any agreement. But we had a good thing going. I trusted her. I gave her $750,000 and she promised to let me have this money within a certain time, as she had applied for a loan and everything was coming through. It has been over one year now and I have not been able to get back the money. I have not been able to see her or to be with her for a few months now because her boyfriend has returned from abroad. I am really upset.

I spoke to a friend about it and asked her to call this young woman on my behalf. The young woman is saying that she never borrowed any money from me and I am telling lies on her. I cannot say anything to my wife, because I can't tell her what I did with the money. Sometimes I say that I would tell this girl's boyfriend that this girl and I were having an affair, but it may cause a big thing and my wife would hear about it. Plus, my children would be affected. I cannot lose my $750,000. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

Initial Withheld

Dear Writer,

I could suggest that you put this matter into the hands of a lawyer. But I don't know how you would be able to prove that the money you gave to the woman was a loan.

She can always argue that both of you were lovers and the $750,000 was a gift. I think you should have known better. You should have had some sort of written agreement that the woman would repay you over a certain period. That is all I can say.

You have to forget the embarrassment it may cause you and your family. If you don't want any embarrassment, keep quiet and accept what has happened as a big loss. I think this young woman has you over a barrel and is spanking you, because you did not use common sense. But seriously, she is a wicked woman and she should give you back your money. Talk to a lawyer to get some legal advice. But don't allow what has happened to cause you to become ill.


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