I have three girlfriends


November 26, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am 24 and I have three ladies in my life. One is a prostitute, one is an American and the other lives nearby. The prostitute and I have been going for five years now. She takes good care of me. When I

didn't have anything she made sure I had food and clothes to wear. She gives me some of the best advice a woman could give. She motivates me.

I met the American girl a couple months ago. She wants me to come to the States to live with her. She even wants to have my child. The one who lives nearby doesn't do anything but I enjoy having sex with her because she stands up to it. She has a lot of problems. I am not saying I won't help her with them but she has too much. To be honest, I love the prostitute more. Am I wrong to love the prostitute more?


Dear R.M.,

To be frank with you, you are not a real man. Real men don't live off women. You need to go and get yourself a job or create one for yourself. You know the job of a prostitute. She sells her body. So here you are getting some of the money that she gets from other men. You are living off this woman's earnings. You are talking about how much you love the prostitute. What you love is the money she hustles from other men.

This American must be really hard up for a man. You have nothing to offer her and if she truly knew you, she wouldn't want to have anything to do with you. The girl you say who is unemployed doesn't have any ambition. All she can offer you is sex and more sex, and you are indicating that when it comes to that she can handle herself well. You are just a boaster, empty-headed and an empty pocket man.


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