My boyfriend has lost interest in me


November 25, 2015

Dear Pastor,

My boyfriend is one year younger than I am. I am 20. When we just started dating, he gave me all the attention I wanted and was always there for me. He came to my house a couple of times and slept over and met my family. He gets along with them well. This guy is not working, but I love him anyway. He said he loves me too, but since lately, things have changed. He has stopped showing interest in me and stopped giving me the attention I used to get. I am stressed because I have been a nice girlfriend to him. I do everything a woman should do. Sometimes I don't hear from him at all. Sometimes I text and he will be online all day and not even look at my messages. He said he is stressed but I don't believe it is stress. I told him about how I am feeling and he has nothing to say or do about it. I am fed up. I told him that I am going to leave him and that he should come and get his things from my house. He left my house, but he said he loves me and he won't let me go.

I wished he was the one because my family already knows him. Please help me.


Dear Stressed,

The question you should ask yourself is, "What am I doing with a man who is unemployed and who evidently spends most of his time online?" What can he do for you? Now is the time you should move on. Perhaps he has got tired of you. You are only 20 and yet you can have a man come to your house and sleep with you. That cannot be good. Perhaps that is the way you grew up to see other family members doing, so you continued the trend. This guy owes you nothing. you need to end the relationship totally with this man.


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