I am frustrated with my woman


November 25, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I fell in love with a young woman. We have a son together but I don't think she love me. She broke up with her ex-boyfriend three years ago. Who she told me she still loves.

We hardly have sex. She told me she doesn't like it again but used to have it often with her ex-boyfriend.

When I asked her about it, she said that was in the past.

I love her, pastor, but I can't bear it. She doesn't want to leave where she lives because she wants to see the guy. Whenever she comes to my house, she cries. I told her to go to him. She said the guy doesn't want her. When I tell her, I am leaving her she says I never loved her.


Dear Frustrated,

You should know when a woman is trying to fool a man. You know enough about your child's mother to know that what she is talking is nonsense. If she doesn't come to visit you she knows that you will feel she is with her so-called ex-boyfriend, so she comes and cries.

She doesn't want to tell you why she is crying but you should figure that one out. She cries because she is not in love with you. She is there just to please you. Her body is there but her heart is not. Her heart is probably with her so-called ex-boyfriend, who is really not an ex. He is the real thing.

Assure her that you will take care of the child but she can go and be with the man she truly loves.

If she doesn't love you, she will cheat every opportunity she gets, so trying to hang on to this relationship doesn't make any sense.


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