My mother-in-law was not nice


October 27, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am from St Thomas. I listen to your show every night. I had a mother-in-law. Oh my God, pastor, she was not nice. She chatted about things I have and anything she asked me for I gave her. She has not stopped asking but she is a witch. I don't hate her but she did something to me, oh my my God.

Ex daughter-in-law

Dear Ex daughter-in-law,

Evidently, this woman is no more in your life. You were hoping that because you were good to your mother-in-law and gave her gifts you would have won her love. That was a big mistake you made. When people hate you it is difficult for them to change. And you would have to feed them with gifts and they will take the gifts and laugh at you and call you a fool. So the best way to deal with such persons is not to associate yourself with them.


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