24-y-o charged in $23 million ABM heist

April 05, 2023

A St Catherine man has been arrested and charged in connection with last month's brazen gun attack on a Beryllium courier van in Portmore, St Catherine.

He is 24-year-old Shemar Yee, of a Spanish Town address. Six other persons have also been taken into custody in relation to the $23 million heist, which occurred on March 19. The robbers reportedly ambushed four Beryllium security guards who were attempting to service an automated banking machine (ABM).

At yesterday's monthly JCF press conference, Deputy Police Commissioner Fitz Bailey disclosed that Yee has been charged with 12 offences in relation to the incident. He also stated that the police were "aware of some of the people that are involved" in the attacks on ABM machines and cash couriers in recent weeks, before adding that the police were gaining ground.

"We are working diligently to crush organised crime operations in Jamaica and we are getting significant results. Some of the avenues that used to produce income for the organised crime world have been impacted by the activities of the security forces. So definitely they will seek other avenues to get additional funding, but we will continue to pursue them and we have a general idea of who some of these people are," he said.

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson warned that the full force of the law will land on persons who are caught committing these crimes.

"Let me make it clear for those persons who believe that they can commit these acts, firing their weapons in public spaces without any concern for people, operating like terrorists, [you] will be found," Anderson said. He also praised his officers following a positive first quarter report. He shared that at the end of March, major crimes were down by 22 per cent compared to the corresponding period last year. Murders are down by 21 per cent, while shootings are down by 13 per cent.

Anderson also disclosed that 238 persons were arrested and charged for gun-related offences, following the seizures of 225 illegal weapons. Police have seized 1,563 kilograms of cocaine and 4,204 kilograms of ganja, which resulted in the arrest and charge of 94 persons.

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