Squash upset about gun video - Artiste’s management says it was not filmed in Jamaica

July 15, 2019

Dancehall deejay Squash is upset by what he says is a re-circulation of a video that was recorded months ago while he was in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

The video, which surfaced on the weekend, shows a hand holding a firearm and the person commenting on the merits of the weapon.

Reacting to statements that he was the person in the video, Squash took to social media.

He said: "I am an entertainer that do dancehall music not only for Jamaica but all over the world. Entertainers use guns for videos; they use it for music videos and movies and other purpose. I never commit nuh crime and that was not in Jamaica."

He says the original video was recorded in the eastern Caribbean island, and said the location was pinned to the video.

However, the latest version of the video has the location blocked out.

"Why we as black people when we see another black brother ah rise dem always waan try fi bring them down? And unuh fi change unuh ways bredrin. Why unuh love negativity suh? Why unuh nuh broadcast that video that seh Port of Spain? Why unuh block it out?" he asked. "Wah ever unuh do, unuh nah guh get me down. Me still a guh live me life clean because me is not a gunman and I'm not committing any crime; I am doing music."

The artiste's manager, Junior 'Heavy D' Fraser, told THE STAR: "That video was recorded on Snapchat almost two months ago when Squash did deh ah Trinidad and Tobago on the set of a music video."

Bigger problem

He said that while he agrees that Squash shouldn't have touched the gun, there was a bigger problem.

"Is the man weh come ah film the actions and the man weh circulate it without the location (are the issue). The fact is sometimes people use things for negativity and neither the artiste nor manager can change the views, he said. "Him [Squash] nuh feel good seh the location is blocked out, especially because the video don't have nothing fi do with Jamaica."

According to Assistant Superintendent of Police, Dahlia Garrick, head of the Corporate Communications Unit, there is an investigation ongoing to establish the identity and authenticity of the video.

"The video I saw was a 10-second clip, no face or anything, but it had a hand and there was some conversation and a handgun with an attachment and someone handling it," Garrick told THE STAR.

Based on stories online, she continued: "I saw where his manger is saying the police are aware and that it was shot in Trinidad; I can't verify that. That was not the brief I received. I will get a further brief on it. I have spoken to senior investigators and they are aware of it and are now doing some work on it."

Squash is currently preparing for his Reggae Sumfest performance on Festival Night One this Friday.

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