Mom freed of children's death

December 04, 2015

Lotoya Frazer, 32, the Clarendon woman who was charged with negligence in the death of her two children, was freed when she appeared in the May Resident Court in Clarendon on Wednesday.

Those killed were Jhennel McKenzie, 10, and seven-year-old Bionca McKenzie of Chapelton in the parish. A four-year-old boy had survived the incident.

Frazer was freed after attorney-at-law Pearnel Charles made a successful no case submission on her behalf. The Crown's case crumbled when Charles cross-examined the investigator, Constable Oneil Beadle, from the Chapelton Police Station.

proper probe

During the cross-examination, the policeman failed to effectively answer questions to showed that Frazer had caused the demise of her children.

The lawyer showed that the policeman had fail to uncover enough evidence to established a prima Facie case against Frazer.

Resident Magistrate Dahlia Findlay upheld the submission of the defence and chided the investigator for his failure to carry out a proper probe in the matter.

The Crown had led evidence that in March 2013, the accused was negligent and caused the death of her two children and the injuring of another. An investigation was conducted which resulted in her being charged with three counts of negligence.

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