My Confession: I farted on my girl during sex

January 17, 2020

STAR, I accidentally farted during sex and my girlfriend almost didn’t forgive me, and I don’t know what her problem is.

My girl was very conservative during sex and was the type that thought it was a sin even to watch porn. For a while we couldn’t have sex unless the lights were off, and she wouldn’t do certain positions.

She stated that it was against her religious belief, and I always told her that she was already sinning by having sex and then the next day she would go and get in spirit in church.

After I threatened that I was going to cheat, she decided to try new things; and let me tell you this STAR, she was willing to try everything in bed.

I knew that she was doing them a long time because she mastered them. One night, she told me she wanted us to have wild sex and while she was giving me oral, she told me to stop and rest my penis between her breasts.

Bwoy, I don’t know if it was the fan that was blowing or if I was just too excited, but a couple of seconds after mi start, mi leggo one big, loud fart on her chest.

Mi honestly could a feel the breeze pass through. The way mi frighten, mi tun fool and stand up over her, which means say she a get all a the scent.

Mi say the woman vex til she blue. She spring outa the bed and go in the shower and a try bathe off the black off her skin.

All this time, mi a wonder wa di excitement fah and why she nuh come finish weh she start. For weeks, mi couldn’t touch her because she think mi leggo di wind spitefully.

Now, whenever she gives me oral, I have to lay on my back and I always get a stern warning before she starts.

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