My Confession: I had a ‘messy’ encounter during sex

December 27, 2019

Mi say STAR, I had the most messy encounter recently, and even now, my stomach still turn whenever I think about it.

I had my eyes on my brethren wife for a while, and after several years of admiring her, I finally gathered the courage to tell her how sexy she was and how badly I wanted to sleep with her. At a point in time, mi sorry mi did say anything, because the woman start hype and a say she would never cheat on her husband and said I should be ashamed of myself.

Mi stop pursue her after a while, and after that she seemed to miss the attention. So one day when her husband gone work, she call mi over.

Mi say she have weed and liquor, and we drink and hol’ a vibe. Mi suh happy say mi finally a go get her body dats mi guh down on mi knee same time and start ‘taste di business’.

It never take long for her to beg mi to give her ‘the rod’, and mi start do mi ting. But as soon as mi turn her back way, the whole a mi body get limp.

STAR, the woman look like she never wipe her butt good and piece a tissue left back inna her, mess up and everything. Mi almost vomit up di place.

Mi get soft and stop, and draw on back mi clothes. She ask why mi stop and mi say a nuh nutten.

Afterwards, she start laugh and a say mi must not be ashamed say mi reach mi climax so quick because is just good har body good.

All now mi nuh tell her wha really happen, but mi a go eventually do it because she keep on a text mi and a boast bout her good body.

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