My Confession: Homeless man lusted for me after my skirt burst open

December 20, 2019

I’m a woman in my 40s. I am always complimented about my shape and beauty, so naturally I would dress up and make up my face before I leave home.

So, one morning, I got up and put on my best face, as always, and one of my tightest skirts, and decide to go do some things at the bank. As I emerged from my vehicle, I kept my head high and smiled as various men kept cat-calling me.

Unlike other times, they were whistling, and even a little homeless man a tell mi say mi a$$ thick up like piece a beef. You want to see how mi all a walk boasy up the bank step dem. When mi reach in the bank, mi notice say the security eyes focus on mi backside.

A couple females in the line start whisper and laugh, but mi just a say dem envious. About two minutes later mi see one a mi brethren and as mi strech out mi arms to embrace him, him whisper to mi that mi skirt tear and all a mi body a expose.

The way mi frighten mi feel me bottom, and mi say STAR, a mi underwear mi feel and it was one of the mesh ones that had a hole in it.

The way mi shame mi have to put mi bag behind mi and take the wings a the morning. Mi never shame suh inna mi life.

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