My Confession: My man had sex with his other woman in front of me

December 06, 2019

Mi say, STAR! Mi meet a man online inna last year and him did seem really nice.

Him used to visit mi and send money for mi, but for some reason, mi family dem never like him. Dem say him look like madman inna clean clothes.

Him did a spend pon me, so I was thinking say a pure jealousy and bad mind mek dem nuh like him.

After a few months, him invite mi to come live with him a Kingston, and mi gladly go because the part a country whe mi come from boring bad.

When mi reach, him tell mi say him have a ex-girlfriend who live near him whe want him back. Him always a show mi several other woman who him say well want him. Mi nuh pay dat no mind ’cause me know mi can quint it up like dat. Mi feel proud when mi see dem a look pon we when we a walk. STAR, after a few weeks, tings take a turn for the worse. Him start tell mi say mi can’t stay wid him no more because him ex-girlfriend say she a breed for him and me did say mi nuh want no more children.

Mi did think him a joke at first, but then one night, mi inna di house and is an ugly girl mi see move in. She just come dash dung di bag on di bed and a look pon mi with attitude.

Mi start bawl, to how me shock. Him tell mi say mi can spend di night, but anyhow mi ever fight her, a hell and powder house.

Mi say mi couldn’t take it, so mi go on the floor go sleep. Mi say, STAR, would you believe say both a dem put down one piece a loud sex inna the night. Mi shame like dog. The next morning, mi take the first bus go country before cock put on him draws.

Turns out, di man never leave him woman, him did just use mi to get her jealous.

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