STAR of the Month: Shauna opens up about bisexuality, self-pleasure

June 07, 2019

Shauna Controlla (formerly Chyn) presently labels herself as bisexual.

Last year, the recording artiste came out to her social-media followers with a live video that featured one of her girlfriends getting up close and personal – a reveal that she claims was not just another publicity stunt.

“It wasn’t staged; I am naturally bisexual!” Shauna exclaimed. “Why should I hide it? There is no shame in my game, and I have no problem with anybody that is part of the LGBT community.”

The Spreading Rumours artiste said she is a humble advocate for LGBT rights but was not always comfortable with sharing her sexual preferences.

“I feel like you have symptoms. I first started experiencing the feelings from mi a teenager, but yuh know dem way deh weh yuh nah pay it no mind because you care what people going to think and say about you,” Shauna told THE WEEKEND STAR.

When she finally revealed it to her family, she said, “my mother only said that me need Jesus”.

Shauna has since made it her duty to keep her relatives off social media and out of the news.

“I have not been with that many females. I can count on one hand and lef change, but right now, mi deh wid two or three ladies,” she said. “It all depends on personality. I like the girly type, and while I may see a female that looks good and compliment her, it doesn’t mean mi want deh wid her.”

Beyond Shauna’s frankness about sexuality, something else stands out: her focus on female self-pleasure.

She said, “You have to fall in love with yourself. Both women and men can benefit from the self-pleasure, but maybe we have more fun.”

Her sex toy of choice is the vibrator. She shared, “I have used small vibrators and gone for larger ones with more power, too. These only need batteries and some baby oil on my body.”

The recording artiste said that after a long day of work and partying, a little quiet time with herself helps relieve stress.

Toys aside, she said she prefers using her fingers: “I have read where vibrators can affect the sensation in the clitoris over time; I like when I can control the waves of pleasure.”

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