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October 07, 2015
Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw

Gay man beats lover at court

(Published Wednesday, September 30, 2015)

This story was the subject of much laughter. Where words could not express the thoughts, memes certainly did.

Nadene Paige: You see why we can't get little rain from above.

Pansy Poochie-loo Boswell: What a mix up...I am deading.

Stephane Loyal Rose: Sas crise, all dem sitten ya.

Angie Soso Bless: No seriously, everything just wata down suh. A dis a gwaan inna JA. Lord Jesus, intervene.

Shanika Virgo: No sah, what this world come to.

Entertainers say keep your prisoners England

(Published Thursday, October 1, 2015)

Most of our followers agreed with the entertainers.

Kenardo Sappleton: It's really a burning shame and a direct insult that the only investment they found fit for Jamaica is a penitentiary. We should reject it. Such a disgrace.

Chifaline Alves: That's the vision that David Cameron have for Jamaica? A prison? Jamaican people should be protesting and embarrassed.

Ieasha Mcdonald Brooks: I'm lost for words. Poor Jamaica!!

Ramon Senior: A national disgrace. I have never heard in the history of mankind another foreign leader brought a gift to another foreign leader in the form of a prison.

Lady Saw feeds the homeless and needy

(Posted [latest news] Friday October 2, 2015)

Our followers agreed that although Lady Saw is a 'bad' artiste, she is truly a good Samaritan at heart.

Kadisha Campbell: I love Lady Saw so much and she's doing this now let me love her even more.

Andrea Gentles: She a wonderful human being at heart. Big up muma saw, lady of the dancehall.

Wesley Mcintosh: A heart of love and care.

Keisha Gladston: This bring tears to my eyes. She seh she waah fix up a old building and cook fi di homeless dem a day time. Lady Saw, you are a blessing. God bless you Mumma

Blake Blake: Bless her heart. I hope they give her the building.

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