Fass & Curious| Frustration, comedy on the bus

October 05, 2015

Howdie my peeps! Is how unuh do? Unuh ever deh in a bus or taxi or even on the plane and there is one passenger you wish wasn't travelling with you? Don't know about you but I have.

I love babies, but a crying baby on any trip is like an act of terrorism! No, unuh speak the truth man. At first, you think the baby is cute and then it's crying for an extended period and you literally wish you could put it off the bus. Hey, don't think I'm cruel, I have a baby, too.

If you thought one was bad just imagine two crying babies on a bus travelling from Kingston to Montego Bay. The two babies revved their little crying engines like they were in a competition; who could cry the loudest and the longest. When it appeared as if one would stop the other

started again.

Of course, what makes the situation worse is that you can't tell these little people to shut up and you dare not say anything to the mothers. (Who I'm sure are just as annoyed).

The gospel song Ride Out Your Storm was coming through the speakers. Oh, the irony! Really, p-l-e-a-s-e somebody take my ears ... for free!

My girlfriend and I sat and just rolled our eyes at each other, our frustration up like seven. It was time to tune those babies out.

"Can you sew my hair in?" she asked.

"Humm ... you gonna have to pay me this time. Last time I did you had that in for more than a month," I replied.

She started giggling, "Girl, what are you talking about I wore that for three months."

People, mi mouth drop as mi tear out mi eye wide and look pon har. Dis girl is nasty. So nasty I had to get my cute neighbour involved in the convo.

"Can you believe someone keeps weave in their hair for ALL OF 3 MONTHS?" I said to the person sitting beside me.

My girlfriend insisted that there was nothing wrong and that at that time when she took it out it could have gone longer.

I was like, "Girl, you just nasty and that's why you should pay me, as a matter a fact, I'm gonna double the asking price. I now need US$40".

The person sitting next to me laughed as we carried on, "That's a long time to keep hair in though. Anyway, I am CJ. Nice to meet you three month weave."

Laughing pwile!

Nuff a unuh guilty of this crime. Ladies smh. Unuh fi stop it. It's called #shampoo!

We were barely finished laughing about the weave when this lady gave out, "But after mi nuh member weh mi mada live! It look like mi pass the stop!". New set of laughter emerged!

Walk good mi peeps!

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