Curly Loxx blasts massive salary increase for politicians

May 17, 2023
Gordon House
Gordon House
Patrick ‘Curly Loxx’ Gaynor
Patrick ‘Curly Loxx’ Gaynor

Patrick 'Curly Loxx' Gaynor, half of the duo Twin of Twins, has condemned yesterday's announcement of a massive salary increase for politicians.

"I think it is really unfair that public servants haffi ask and wait or a bawl 'bout pay increase ... fi years when majority of politicians useless," he told THE STAR. Curly Loxx, who often uses his podcast In the Meantime to discuss several social issues, was outraged by the announcement and opined that the Government rules without humanity.

"It is just an unbalanced society where egocentricity takes hold and we cannot see from each other's vantage point," he said.

The wage increase comes as part of the Government's compensation restructuring for the public service. During a presentation to the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke broke down the details of the new pay scale that is to become effective across the next three years. Next April, members of parliament will take home a little more than $14 million while the prime minister will receive just shy of $30 million. Curly Loxx is calling on the Government to do better and lead with fairness and impartiality.

"Me woulda like fi see a government wah understand wah the word equity mean, not political advancement, and that is for both sides. I have no specific grouse with no party. I just want good for my country and all I can do is speak on behalf of people who can't speak for themselves or don't even know what to say or how to say it. So my thing is just to do better 'cause it can be done," he explained.

"We are at a new juncture now and we cannot continue doing the same things. We have to come to a point where we do the right thing because we are now heading for destruction. It is a corrupt mindset and human greed to want everything at the expense of some people having nothing," he furthered.

This week, he plans to delve into more issues during a new episode of his podcast. As he continues to use his voice in hopes of inciting change, he asked that people come together to discuss and implement solutions to move Jamaica forward.

"You don't have to like me, and I don't have to like you. Just listen. You don't have to like my opinions or agree with my views but take me out of the equation. From you believe what I am saying is true and it resonates with you, let us move towards that," he said.

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