Marion Hall backlash - Minister claims she was axed from gospel concert line-up

May 02, 2023
Minister Marion Hall
Minister Marion Hall

The Reverend Al Miller says he has no "fundamental problem" with Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw, performing at Reggae Sumfest this summer.

Hall's booking to perform at the secular reggae festival has sent ripples throughout sections of the church community. The Christian evangelist, who dropped the dancehall mic in 2015, has claimed that she was removed from the line-up of an upcoming gospel concert, which includes Papa San.

Like Hall, Papa San gave up dancehall and became a Christian missionary. However, the Room in My House artiste suggested in one of her usual live-streamed sermons that her inclusion on the line-up for this year's staging of Reggae Sumfest has made some persons uncomfortable.

"If the church won't have me, I am going to the people who will have me, cause the church don't want me because they said I dressed in something sheer the other day," she said.

Hall, whose Sumfest promotional photo sees her clad in black with mesh fabric around the waist of the garment, likened the situation to being 'banned' in Montego Bay for an X-rated performance some years ago.

Contacted for comment on the issue yesterday, Miller extended his best regards to Hall as she prepares for her Sumfest performance, which she says is a bid to capture souls for the Kingdon of God.

"I have no fundamental problem with it if she is going there with a view to present the gospel of the kingdom, which is the truth that people need to hear. They are there and if one can present it in a manner that serves the purpose of communicating truth and it will help people to draw nearer to their relationship with God, then it is good," he reasoned.

Miller, however, cautioned that people should be mindful of their expectations as the move would be to 'sow seed' of the gospel in hope to reel patrons in and not 'reap harvest' immediately. He opined that he can see why Hall performing at Sumfest could cause some Christians to feel uneasy, but stated any judgement against her would not be that of the Lord.

"Of course, it will create some problems for her with some church-minded people. That is religion and not pure Christianity at all. Jesus himself said I came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance. Therefore, we belong where sinners are. We must not compromise what we believe and contaminate it, for sure, and that is why it is not for any and any gospel artiste," Miller reasoned.

Hall walked away from the dancehall scene in 2015 and embraced Christianity. Come July, Sumfest will be her first return to any dancehall stage show since her baptism.

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