Thugy looks to emulate deejay dad’s success

March 23, 2023

If you think it's easy being a second generation star, just ask dancehall artsiste Thugy, who is the son of the legendary Johnny P, known for number one songs like Bike Back and Look Good.

"Music chose me. My father is Johnny P who made a major mark in dancehall. Every ghetto youth who has their father around aspires to be just like him. He was and is still the reason why I am so passionate about music," said Thugy, whose given name is Jaheim Morgan.

He has high hopes for his new single, Black Billionaire Boy, which was released on March 17.

"The feedback has been great so far. We have been promoting the chorus of the song on Instagram and everyone loves it. The song is really about the fascination of people my age with girls, cars and the flashy lifestyle. The inspiration came from wanting to have the nicer things in life," he said.

Thugy grew up in Waterford, Portmore, St Catherine. He attended Greater Portmore High School for five years, and then matriculated to St Catherine High School for sixth form. He chose the stage moniker Thugy, because it reflects his philosophy towards the music business and life.

"A thug can be described as being aggressive by nature and so that is me towards music. [I am] aggressive and hungry for my piece of the music cake," he said

He recorded his first single, a collaboration titled Humble which was released in 2020. He also released an EP in 2022 titled Journey Start.

Thugy is now signed to McDonz Records, and he plans to announce his arrival on the music scene with new singles designed to make a big impression in dancehall. He is also currently working on an album titled Never Ending Vision.

"The word that best describes my future plan is 'international'. I am very versatile and I want the world to experience music from my perspective," he said.

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