KipRich robbed of millions in cash and jewellery

March 13, 2023

Recording artiste KipRich said he was feeling disheartened after thieves broke into an Airbnb apartment that he was renting and stole several pieces of jewellery and cash valuing over US$50,000 (approximately $7.6 million).

The incident reportedly happened in Portmore, St Catherine, on Saturday around 10 a.m. He told THE STAR that although he was upset, he was also equally relieved that no lives were lost.

"Mi just give thanks say the situation never worse, where me and the person never buck up and all dem things deh. A vanity dem tek up and we have life same way, so mi give thanks for that. But fi know say inna yuh owna country yuh cyah go hold a vibes somewhere amongst yuh people dem. It no feel good bredda," KipRich said.

The veteran artiste said that he only rented the facility for a few days before the incident occurred. He was completing a music project with his friend and producer, who resides on the other side of the building.

"Mi a keep a low profile, mi no drive no known vehicle weh di people know, fi call down no excitement pon miself. Mi see a thing say my house dem rob, but a no my house. It's an Airbnb weh mi rent a couple days ago, because mi a do some writing over deh. Mi bredrin, who a produce di work, have a two-bedroom pon di front and a so mi decide fi rent out the studio flat," KipRich added.

The witty lyricist said that his US$25,000 Rolex watch and a gold chain valuing over US$12,000 were among the items stolen. Burberry sunglasses valued at US$450, and cash amounting to US$15,000 and CDN$300 (approximately $33,000) were also taken. KipRich, 45, said that he locked up his side of the dwelling and was hanging out with his producer, another friend and his taxi driver.

"Mi decide fi leave and go fi mi charger 'cause mi phone battery did a dead," said KipRich. "When me go round deh mi see the slide door open. Mi say to mi self say mi never leave di door open and when mi look, mi see mi bag and everything tumble dung pon di ground. A di Rolex box first mi see and realise say di watch gone and mi chain. Everything happened so quickly. The time weh mi go for the food and come back for the charger was about half an hour."

The matter has been reported to the Greater Portmore Police Station, which confirmed the incident.

"The good thing about it is that the camera pick up the hombre (man) wid me things dem because him did have mi Gucci belt wrapped round him hand, so dem see that clear. Dem see weh him put the Burberry glass pon him shirt fi mek things look normal when him a go back through the gate," said KipRich.

He questioned how the perpetrator accessed the gated community.

"When me did go deh, dem stop me and ask all sorts a question; mi did affi have dem clear me until me rent one of the Airbnb dem. My brother forward come link me, dem stop him and a me affi clear him. So how the hell people just get in so freely? Somebody did affi clear him fi come through, so dis man just forward in and do weh him do and walk back through the security post so easy," he said.

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