Boom Boom ‘hope and pray’ for Mavado’s return

September 02, 2022
Boom Boom
Boom Boom

Prominent selector Boom Boom is determined that dancehall hitmaker Mavado will be hosting his birthday celebration in January 2023.

Following an announcement on social media earlier this week, information about an existing warrant issued in June 2018 for David Brooks, the artiste's given name, began circulating to which Boom Boom told THE WEEKEND STAR, "Me never know about."

"Fi tell you the truth, a reason we a reason, and him a say him soon come back inna di place and me say well him can host the party," the selector said. "Before me buss and before him even did name Singing Blacks, Mavado a host me event so me nah look pon certain things."

Boom Boom shared that their friendship ignited in 1995 through a love of dancehall and music. He said that he puts his trust in Mavado's management and legal team to make things right in order for the Hope and Pray singjay-songwriter to return.

"Mi nuh talk to Gully Gad since all a dis, but me just a hope for the best outcome and for him to be comfortable back on local ground. Music mek di link and that's what we share in common, plus Grants Pen is a stone's throw away from Cassava Piece so me used to go there and him come pon di ends, he said.

Boom Boom said that he plans to continue promoting the January 2023 event and, in using a new method of promotion, will be making more announcements on the line-up, which he has avoided doing in the past.

"For previous stagings, artistes would pass through and perform. Now fi this year, the plan is fi have artistes on the flyers as part of the promotion. I want to do it different and it's still early in the planning but this time I know I'm going to tell the people which artistes going come through and do them thing," Boom Boom said.

Senior Communications Strategist with the Jamaica Constabulary Force Dennis Brooks was contacted but he was unable to provide details of the warrant.

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