Producer thinks Spice should do more love songs

September 01, 2022
Sean ‘Contractor’ Edwards
Sean ‘Contractor’ Edwards

Billboard-recognised producer Sean 'Contractor' Edwards has applauded the Queen of Dancehall Spice for living up to her brand with her latest album Emancipated.

He said that in comparison to her debut studio album 10, which was exclusively produced by Grammy Award winner Shaggy, "it is more hardcore".

"With the previous album she had the single Go Down Deh, for which they did a lot of promotion and marketing in mainstream media, that includes print and TV, in the US. So while it embodied her true style, that track and the rest of the album ended up having more crossover appeal. Meanwhile, Emancipated lives up to her dancehall brand, which is also good," Contractor told THE STAR.

Spice has maintained a presence on the Billboard chart over the years and said that the new album is expected to hit the reggae charts by next Tuesday.

"She has a lot of fans in the US. Can this album cross over in the main Billboard chart? That's a goal she definitely has to work on. I think one of the best moves for Spice right now is to do more collaborations with mainstream rappers and Afrobeat artistes like Burna Boy and Wizkid. That will spread her range out more," he said.

"Spice should try some different genres and also, so as not to discontinue her main topic which is sex and sex still sells, is to record more relationship songs, because people are in relationships more than they have sex. And we found that many persons related to her in that space. She should consider doing more meaningful, love songs."

Comparing international female sensations Beyonce, Mary J Blige and Lauryn Hill, Contractor said that Spice could benefit from steering her lyrics into the direction of empowering men.

"Those female R&B and hip-hop artistes made men feel special. Rather than being a dominatrix all the time, she [Spice] could do some songs empowering men not just empowering women," he said.

Spice recently celebrated her 40th birthday, finished up an international tour and wrapped filming a season of the VH1 reality TV show Love & Hip Hop which, according to Contractor, is another reason Jamaicans should put their support behind her.

"She is doing well as a girl hailing from Portmore. Spice is emancipated, she elevated herself and we have to commend her as well as encourage her to grow and be better," he said.

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