Posh Morris buzzing following New Rules cameo

July 11, 2022

Days following the staging of dancehall artiste Alkaline's New Rules Festival, up-and-coming deejay Posh Morris remains one of the talking points.

Posh Morris, given name Jeanette Morris, was invited onstage by Aidonia during his set. She was given the platform to introduce herself to persons who are not familiar with her music and to remind those who were of her lyrical prowess. Posh Morris, who is the female standout in the Aidonia-led 4th genna camp, was full of energy during her four-minute cameo that was met with roars of approval from the crowd. She said that her performance was especially meaningful to her, as, in the absence of a hit song, she was still able to engage, interact and entertain a large crowd. She shared her thoughts though on why she thinks a hit has eluded her so far.

" I just think it's affiliation and association because the reality is we can't do this without money. I also think our industry needs more managers and companies to distribute and promote artistes' works," she said.

Posh Morris admitted that New Rules Festival was the largest crowd she has entertained to date and praised Aidonia for believing in her.

"He is very important. Him being a veteran that has done so much and knows so much, before doing anything else I want to learn everything that he knows. Aidonia is very instrumental," she remarked.

She also revealed that behind the scenes, Aidonia is always willing to share information and to groom her.

"Our grooming sessions come out of natural interactions ... it's always just lessons being around Aidonia. He is constantly teaching and is always forthcoming with information. You know some people are selfish because dem don't want you to outdo them, but he is the total opposite of that," she shared.

Posh Morris is currently promoting her tracks titled Vinyl and Flava.

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