Macka Diamond not against ‘dollies’ - Says she still considers plastic surgery

July 07, 2022
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

Veteran female deejay Macka Diamond has been sporting a fitter looking body which has resulted in a lot of plastic surgery rumours, and last month, it even sparked a feud with another dancehall diva.

The whispers continued, as the Hula Hoop singer performed on a local stage show recently wearing a nude body suit that gave the illusion of surgically enhanced breasts. In the past, Macka Diamond has admitted that she has considered getting implants and that has not changed.

"I have always wanted to do my breasts, even up to a couple of months ago but I remain sceptic," Macka Diamond told THE STAR. "I am not against the women who want to do surgery to be a 'dolly'. If you want to surgically enhance yourself as part of your self-love, go ahead. As me say inna Dream Body, ' if yuh waan do up yuh body me nuh care."

The artiste expressed that she is not discouraged or disheartened by the comments and assumptions people have made about her body. Instead the comments have boosted her confidence.


She said: "Me know me have the dream body because of how men and women are reacting. 'Big woman sexy' is in for the summer, I can't say this enough. I'm proud of what and who I represent." Macka Diamond shared that she has done a lot of research and "what is for someone else may not be for me". She does not want to put herself at any medical risk.

"I still think about it [surgery] and still might do it but there is always a voice that says 'What if I trouble my breast and put myself inna problem?' Too many things out there like breast cancer and all of that. I don't know what can affect it," the artiste said.

She said she is currently focused on empowering women to own their bodies, whether natural or if surgically enhanced. She also shared that her foundation, Pregnant Mothers In Need, is another area of focus and that she would hope that her fans support the cause instead of focusing on unimportant things.

"I'm for the children and the mothers, though I may not advertise a lot. Persons can always hit me up on social media and assist with basic needs. Things like pampers, baby food and clothes, this should be the focus for summer and onwards," Macka Diamond said.

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