Michael Jackson death pyjamas stolen

June 27, 2022
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's estate have accused LaToya Jackson's former fiance of stealing the pyjamas the Thriller singer wore on his death bed.

The King of Pop passed away in June 2009 and lawyers for his estate have claimed Jeffre Phillips -- who got engaged to Michael's sister in 2013, only for them to call things off two years later -- took advantage of the chaos surrounding his passing to take valuables from the star's home, Carolwood House, and trying to sell them on.

The film producer stayed at the property for nine days following the star's death and allegedly took clothes, handwritten notes, a briefcase with personal and business letters, the Billie Jean singer's driver's licence and iPhones belonging to Michael and his children.

The lawyers wrote in documents filed last Friday: "In extremely appalling and inhumane act, Phillips even stole the pyjamas Jackson was wearing in the final hours of his life.

"And Phillips stole a resuscitator tube that seems to have been used on Jackson by those who were trying to save Jackson's life in the short and frantic period before his passing."

Michael's estate claimed they received a tip-off in December 2021 that the producer was attempting to auction off items that had belonged to the late singer.

In an attempt to vouch for their authenticity, Phillips allegedly admitted to the auctioneers that the items were taking in the days following the Bad hitmaker's death while he was at his house.

The auction house then reached out to the estate to verify the items, letting them know they had a pair of Michael's sunglasses that Phillips supposedly said still had "make-up on it from his face".

The estate have retrieved some of the items they have accused Phillips of taking but believe he is still in possession of home videos and music written and recorded by Michael before his death from an accidental overdose, aged just 50.

The estate have asked the court to order the producer to return any and all property he allegedly took.

Phillips -- who has yet to comment on the allegations -- remained close friends with LaToya after they ended their engagement, but it is unclear if they are still in touch now.

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