D’Yani accepts ‘sex symbol’ status

June 27, 2022
Thalia Chisholm took her opportunity to show ‘Senorita’ singjay D’Yani her moves.
Thalia Chisholm took her opportunity to show ‘Senorita’ singjay D’Yani her moves.

Fast-rising artiste D'Yani is pleased to be considered a sex symbol in the dancehall sphere, and confidently shared that he knows the reason for the label.

"Yuh nuh see how me sexy," D'Yani said, deliberately flashing a flirtatious smile after making the cheeky statement in his recent interview with THE STAR.

In the past, the singer-songwriter has been compared to Dexta Daps, who is known for his sex appeal and for pulling the same energy from females fans, and he does not mind.

"I get the comparisons to Dexta Daps, and why not accept it, I do appreciate his music and style of delivery. Plus, we have heard that the ladies are feeling left out so I am one artiste [who is] ready to fill that gap," he said.

"If this is what our dancehall is seeing, then there is a space for more sex symbols. I definitely have more songs for the ladies."

His 2021 single, Feelings, was the project which first ignited the projection that D'Yani could be dancehall's next 'sex symbol' -- all of which was as a surprise to him because the lyrics were "written when I was in a dark space", he revealed.

He continued, "When I say it was a dark space, I meant during a period when I was heartbroken, but I couldn't make it sad, because it is a happy song or one of pleasure. Heartbreak gives one time for introspection and retrospection and I was looking at what I want from love or at the ideal form of love. It was very unexpected that it would become my breakthrough."

"It's more than being a sex symbol. I love to perform, I love to see the women in an audience enjoying themselves, singing along, dancing sexily and smiling. It means they are enjoying everything I offer. Performing at a live acoustic show recently had me engaging females just like that, and that's something I like about that setting," he said.

D'Yani's relationship status remains a mystery, and probably this is working to the advancement of his career as a recording artiste. Wife Anthem; Birthday and Senorita, a collaboration with Maestro Don are just a few of the raunchy tracks from the artiste's catalogue focusing on the female market, but Feelings and the remixed version featuring Jada Kingdom has still managed to garner more streams.

"The music just need fi sexy up and I am all about fulfilling that. Me nah spill di beans as to what's being worked on, but I can tell the ladies to be patient. There's also music for the males who support me as a talented and strong performer," D'Yani said.

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