Di-Ruption ready for the big stage

April 29, 2022

St Thomas is synonymous with some of the biggest and hottest names in the local music space as the parish continues to export talent in abundance in both dancehall and reggae music.

As the household names continue to garner attention, one fast-rising reggae artiste, Di-Ruption, is poised to move to the forefront and take his rightful place among his musical peers.

"When you hear St Thomas, you will think of a lot of artistes such as Popcaan, Skillibeng, Chronic Law, Rytikal, Bushman, just to name a few. But you cannot leave out Di-Ruption," he said. "It's time to reveal to the world my talent and what I bring to the table. Maybe we will need another table cause mine is a lot different and I thank God for this talent and I thank my team Elite Generation for nurturing it over the years so I could become better at my craft."

Born and raised in Cottage Pen, Di Ruption, whose given name is Ramario Weir, explained that he has been exposed to diverse backgrounds that have contributed to his music.

"I've seen the good, the bad, the indifferent and the ugly but still try to be focused and remain in a positive way whereby all my songs reflect my life," he said.

Among the motivations is the types of jobs he had over the years.

"I used to cut grass in yards and sometimes have dog poo splashing on me. I remember being a delivery youth at a restaurant then being a janitor, just stages of my life, and that's where life started for me. Now, the world is accepting me as someone to inspire them and that's exactly what I am doing, not forcing the hype nor going against my beliefs," he said.

Di-Ruption, who as been in the music business for over six years, is still waiting for his big breakthrough.

"A nuff time I am depressed knowing the type of music I am doing just hasn't got the full attention and the right ears to put it to another level for this. My dream has always been to perform on Reggae Sumfest and Rebel Salute, the greatest Caribbean shows of all time, and that's one of my main focuses for this year. To perform in front of the entire Sumfest that would be a dream come through," he shared.

Di-Ruption has released singles like Anuh Me Alone, Trodding Alone and Pree Life Now.

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