Chi Ching Ching invests in ‘Savin’ Pan’

August 14, 2019
Chi Ching Ching
Contributed Chi Ching Ching

The income stream for entertainers is inconsistent, says Chi Ching Ching about the never-ending story of the returns from music.

"That is the main reason entertainers must consider a means of investment, and one that makes sense," Chi Ching Ching told THE STAR. "Everybody's idea of investment is different. some invest in the luxury lifestyle because as an entertainer, that becomes of importance, and then you have some males, not only entertainers, who work seven days a week and give everything them have to them woman, and sometimes the woman is not enough to hold the lock on the account."

The dancehall artiste said that the inspiration for a single titled Savin' Pan was received while he was out on the town one night observing men interacting with women who served as their 'saving pans'.

"Me woulda dumb if me nuh talk. This topic damage nuff people because one, it is relatable, and two, nuff people nah guh like it or come and admit the carelessness them do with them money, but it is reality. I invest my money in the bank and business," he added.

Chi Ching Ching does not want to be branded simply as an entertainer. He is a businessman with a goal and a message. His latest move has seen him venturing into the transportation business.

He has bought a coaster bus, branded 'Savin' Pan', that is already on the route from Glengoffe to kingston.

"It's definitely an achievement for me. I am feeling proud to say I have invested in public transportation that can benefit people from the same community weh me grow and make things a little easier. It also show me anything you wish for, you can get it and to remain focused ... . The youths must maintain that same motivation," the Rope artiste said.

He recalled that when he started his journey towards becoming an entertainer, getting public transportation was not easy.

"In the community where I grow, Golden Spring, it was always a struggle to get a bus. In the days of my youth, me used to wait pon bus as early as 6 a.m. or even earlier to get one with space that me nuh haffi heng off the step. And bus did also stop run by 10 p.m.," Chi Ching Ching said. "From that time, me always say me a go own one coaster one day so when I saw the opportunity to buy, one and get a road licence, of course, I took it."

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